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AT&T snaps up rugged Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

The US carrier activates yet another exclusive with Samsung's tougher version of its Galaxy S5 flagship phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Active comes in three colors for AT&T. AT&T

Put 'em up. The more rugged version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is ready to take on the elements. On Thursday night, Samsung and AT&T officially unveiled the phone that's been leaking out all over the Web, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active.

Exclusive to AT&T, the S5 Active has a more angular body than the original S5, and physical home buttons that rise from the surface of the screen for more tactile pressing. A convenience key on the phone's spine launches apps centered around outdoorsiness.

Equipped with the same specs as the S5 (including the heart-rate monitor), the GS5 Active is also shock resistant, and rebuffs dust. Both the S5 and S5 Active are water-resistant.

Samsung seems to be shifting focus away from the underwater prowess of the S4 Active , omitting that specific camera mode from this year's model. You can still take photos under the waves using the Active key on the phone's side, but outdoor activities on dry land receive the bulk of Samsung's attention this time around.

It isn't immediately clear if the S5 Active's construction is actually rough and tumble, or if its claims of durability are mostly cosmetic. This device certainly looks tougher with its rubberized strips along the top and bottom, and its rear cover bolts, but so did the S4 Active, which didn't stand up to actually rugged phones. Without a whole lot of extra functionality to define it against the water-loving Galaxy S5 original, this S5 Active's main appeal could well end up boiling down to its tough-guy exterior.

You can buy the S5 Active in camo green, ruby red, or titanium grey for $200 with a new, two year contract, for $27.50 per month with AT&T Next 18, for $35.75 per month with AT&T Next 12.

AT&T is also knocking $50 off the price of the Samsung Gear Fit if you buy it alongside the Galaxy S 5 Active.