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AT&T case offers Wi-Fi iPads a way to ride its network

The Modio Case provides battery capacity, the potential for more storage and a 4G LTE connection.

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LAS VEGAS--For anyone looking to take a Wi-Fi-only iPad on the road, AT&T has it covered.

AT&T's Modio case offers extra battery capacity and an LTE connection. AT&T

The Dallas-based telecommunications provider on Tuesday unveiled the AT&T Modio Case, designed to wrap around either an iPad Mini or an iPad Air and provide it with a 4G LTE signal.

While AT&T sees the tablet business as another area for it to push its wireless service, many consumers still prefer the Wi-Fi version, which is typically less expensive and doesn't require a monthly service plan. The case provides an option for an LTE connection.

There are two versions of the Modio smartcase: a black version for all iPad Minis that will launch first and another version that can accommodate both iPad Airs. The iPad Mini case is 6.25 inches wide, 8.47 inches long and .69 inches thick. The iPad Air case is 7.85 inches wide, 10.04 inches long and .69 inches thick.

AT&T declined to provide information on pricing and exact availability, or whether a future case will work with Android tablets.

The cases also potentially expand the memory capacity with a microSD slot that can support an extra 32 gigabytes of storage. It also packs a 4,600 mAh battery providing an extra 10 hours of continuous use.

The Modio case works with an AT&T Modio Data app, which allows users to monitor and manage their data usage.