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AT&T offers more mobile hotspot data to unlimited-plan users and waives activation fees

The deals run from April 2 through May 13.

AT&T is waiving activation, upgrade and restocking fees for customers who buy a device online. 
Angela Lang/CNET
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AT&T is giving customers more ways to stay connected during thecoronavirus pandemic. The mobile carrier is automatically increasing mobile hotspot data by 15GB per month for each line on unlimited plans, which includes tethering allotment. This means Unlimited Elite plans will get 45GB a month of tethering per line, according to a release from AT&T on Monday. 

In addition, if you purchase or upgrade a device online, AT&T is providing free express shipping and waiving activation, upgrade and restocking fees. In the release, the company encouraged users to handle bill payments, troubleshooting, upgrades and service requests through the MyAT&T portal. 

Previously, AT&T, along with other mobile carriers, waived fees for users going over internet data caps. Verizon also added 15GB of high-speed data last week to help users stay connected during the pandemic. 

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