AT&T offers $99 HTC One 32GB package in error

The new promotion cut the price of the 32GB HTC One and kicked in a portable Bluetooth speaker, but it was all a mistake made by AT&T.

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Lance Whitney
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AT&T subscribers eyeing the HTC One were able to save $100 and get a free Beats speaker to boot due to an error from AT&T.

The carrier's HTC One 32GB package includes the 32GB edition of HTC's flagship phone and throws in a Beats Pill Bluetooth speaker, which by itself retails for $199.

On Friday, the price listed for the entire package was $99, which almost seemed like too good a deal. And in fact, it was. The $99 price was actually put up in error. However, AT&T will honor the price for any customers who placed an order on Friday. The actual price of the package is $298.

The phone is available in either silver or black, while the Beats speaker comes in black, pink, red, or white.

The package naturally requires the usual two-year contract, though you can opt for a one-year contract at an upfront cost for the phone of $449.

Individual voice plans include one with 400 rollover minutes for $39.99 a month and another with 900 rollover minutes for $59.99 a month. Family plans are also available with options to add more lines. Customers can choose from among three data plans -- DataPlus 300MB for $20 a month, DataPro 3GB for $30 a month, or DataPro 5GB for $50 a month.

Updated 6/10, 8:25 a.m. PT with update on promotion.

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