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AT&T fires up more 4G areas

AT&T brings eight new 4G LTE markets online.


In its continual arms race with arch rival Verizon, AT&T announced it has brought 4G LTE data coverage to eight fresh metro areas. The additional coverage zones the carrier says brings its total high-speed wireless footprint to 336 regions.

The specific locations AT&T has brought into the 4G fold are; Greenville, Ala., Troy, Ala., Madera-Chowchilla, Calif., Merced, Calif., Vallejo-Vacaville, Calif., New London County, Conn., Sussex County, Del., and Columbia, Mo. It's all part of Ma Bell's master plan to have 400 4G LTE areas lit up by the end of 2013, servicing an expected 270 million customers.

AT&T's efforts to modernize its cellular infrastructure coincides with the company's move away from iPhone dependance and diversification of its smartphone roster. Going forward, consumers will likely see a wider range of devices representing the competing platforms of Android, Windows Phone, and even BlackBerry 10.

This summer, however, the handset war has really gotten hot with new Droids hitting Verizon, T-Mobile shaking up cellular plan and phone shopping big time, and the Motorola X right round the corner. A speedy network might not be enough for AT&T to stand out from the pack.