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AT&T emerges as a broadband powerhouse

AT&T is ready to join the online elite as the @Home-Excite deal gives it the content it needs to compete with Internet giant America Online.

AT&T is ready to join the online elite. Today's $6.7 billion deal between @Home and Excite gives the long distance giant the pieces it needs to create a complete Internet package: high-speed access and rich content. Once AT&T's merger with Tele-Communications Incorporated is closed, the combined company will be poised to take on the Net's king of kings--America Online.

AT&T nabs content for broadband bid
news analysis After years of searching for an entry into the online world's elite company club, AT&T is finally nearing its goal--and is looking more and more like AOL along the way.

Net stocks fly on @Home, Excite deal
Internet stocks take off like a rocket, fueled by the @Home-Excite merger. But investors may find the ride short-lived, analysts say.

Deal shifts Excite's e-commerce strategy
update By hooking up with @Home, Excite will enjoy far greater control over users' shopping habits. The company will look more like America Online than Yahoo.

@Home buys Excite in $6.7 billion deal
update @Home Network says it will acquire the No. 2 Web portal in a stock deal, in a move aimed at providing consumers with Excite's content over @Home's high-speed access systems.

AOL's fast Net move circumvents cable
news analysis America Online's plans for high-speed Net access are simple: Be just as dominant in broadband as it is now in dial-up access. But that objective is easier said than done.

@Home, RealNetworks speed up streaming
Cable Net access provider @Home and Web streaming media firm RealNetworks say they will partner to create a high-speed media delivery platform for @Home's broadband service