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AT&T deal: Buy an iPhone X, get another iPhone X for free

Not a bad deal!

The iPhone X (in a case).
Sarah Tew/CNET

Yes, the iPhone X is expensive at $999 -- but what if you could get a second one for free? That's the deal that AT&T is offering for the next four days in honor of Father's Day.

That's not a bad deal, considering other carriers have generally only been willing to give you a free iPhone 8 with your iPhone X purchase. (AT&T did offer an iPhone X BOGO deal in February, though.)

There aren't a lot of catches, either. You do have to purchase both of them on an AT&T Next installment plan, spreading out the cost over 30 or 24 months, you do have to add a new line of service, and you do have to pay tax on both phones -- but you won't have to trade in your existing device.

Still, there are always newer iPhones coming if you can afford to wait. Ones that'll reportedly offer the fancy design of the iPhone X, but with a less expensive screen.

AT&T says the new deal is available to both new and existing customers, in-store and online. We're not seeing it on the website quite yet.