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Asus Padfone X convertible device lands on AT&T June 6

AT&T announced it will begin taking preorders for the Padfone X on June 6 for $199.

Preorders for the Padfone X begin on AT&T June 6. AT&T

Want both a tablet and Android smartphone for the price of just one gadget? Well today is your lucky day, at least if you're wedded to AT&T. The carrier said it will add the Asus Padfone X, a tablet and phone hybrid, to its roster on June 6 for $200.

To be clear this $200 sticker price requires you commit to a two-year service contract. Customers, however, have the option to buy the Padfone X for no money down as part of AT&T's Next contract-free upgrade plan. Keep in mind that you'll still be on the hook for either 18 monthly payments of $22.92 or 12 monthly payments of $29.80. They add up to sums of $412.56 and $357.60 respectively. Don't forget to tack on additional monthly data and voice charges either.

Of course, one big plus the Asus Padfone brings to the table is its ability to function as both a wireless smartphone and Android tablet. That means owners of the device will have the flexibility to switch between a standard handset and slate on the fly, yet pay for only one cellular plan.

Interested in what the Asus Padfone X is all about? Check out our hands-on Editors' Take and stay tuned for a full review as soon as we get our mitts on a test unit.