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CNET asks: What's your take on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

Samsung has answers to your burning Galaxy Note 7 questions, but we want to know what you think of the phone's aftermath.

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There's been a lot of news on the Samsung front in regards to the Galaxy Note phones. If you haven't heard, here's a quick run down of what's happening:

Samsung is sticking with the "Note" name

Samsung explains what went wrong with the Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be a no-show at Mobile World Congress

And just for good measure, here are our 5 biggest takeaways from Samsung's Note 7 battery fire announcement.

Now that we've gotten those headlines out of the way, CNET turns to you, our readers, to get glimpse what's going on in your minds. It's your turn to weigh in on the Note 7, the recall, the explanation, and also to see where you stand among your peers.

When you're done, take to the comments below and explain why you voted the way you did. Is there hope for the Note brand? Have you sworn off Samsung forever? Do you still have your Note 7? Here's your opportunity to sound off!