Asda Christmas jumper costs £16 for festive phone fun

Pull a cracker with Asda's app-powered Christmas jumper, sure to put you at the centre of attention at your Christmas party.

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There's only one thing better than a cosy Christmas jumper, and that's a Christmas jumper with a phone in it. We can't guarantee it'll help you pull a cracker but Asda's digital Christmas jumper has a hole cut out in the tummy, securing your iPhone or Android phone and showing a video of a roaring fire in the knitted fireplace.

The digital knitwear employs a special app from the Apple App Store or Google Play stuffed full of seasonal videos to display with your pullover, making you the toast of your Christmas party. Update: If you can't find the jumper in your local George at Asda, here's the link.

If you're worried about battery life, there's a lower-resolution version of the crackling festive fire to use less power.

Our resident mobile expert and knitwear enthusiast Andy was delighted to find his twin passions united in one toasty-warm festive outfit, and he debuted his app-powered pullie in our podcast:

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Andy also wore the jumper to the CNET staff party, putting him firmly at the centre of attention -- at least until the strippers turned up and everything got a bit dark. Word of warning though: the phone does tend to pull the jumper down a bit and can give you the look of a bit of a paunch.

The Christmas sweater is made by Digital Dudz, the high-tech fancy dress outfitter also responsible for Morphsuits. Other jumpers include a snow globe or naughty Santa, while a range of Halloween outfits use your phone to display pulsing innards beneath gory wounds.

The Christmas jumper goes on sale in Asda this weekend for £16, just in time for Save The Children's charitable Christmas Jumper Day. Have you found the perfect Christmas jumper for this holiday season? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or leave us a present under the tree on our Facebook page.