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As the Note 7 nears death, Microsoft Paint gets new life

With more reports of fires from "safe" phones, Samsung may need to just kill the Note 7. And one of the oldest programs from Microsoft is getting a reboot -- in 3D.

After a series of destructive events, a major campaign is close to calling it quits -- and I'm not talking about Trump.

Samsung has suspended its production of Galaxy Note 7 phones with multiple reports of the replacement phones catching fire. It's going to be hard to buy one of the so-called "safe" replacement phones, as major mobile carriers have stopped selling the risky phone to customers. With no way to trust the safety of the Note 7, you need to ditch the phone. Today's top CNET Update report has the latest details of the Note 7 nightmare:

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While Samsung faces the death of the Note 7, Microsoft is hoping to spark new life into one of its oldest apps. This afternoon's second Update report looks at the leaked videos for the new Microsoft Paint. The program is getting a fresh coat of cool with 3D drawing tools. Could this be something also integrated into Hololens? We'll find out for sure at Microsoft's October 26 press event:

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As the Note 7 nears death, Microsoft Paint gets new life