As new AirPods 2 clues appear, Xiaomi AirDots enter the game

New AirPods certification and trademarks surface as Xiaomi's new AirDots Youth Edition beat them to Bluetooth 5.

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Trademark filings from Hong Kong and Europe indicate Apple is updating its AirPods classifications in time for a rumored new release.

The filings specifically include "wellness sensors" and more for the much-anticipated updated AirPods, which the rumor mill has dubbed "AirPods 2." They also imply a possibly imminent launch, which seems credible given the the current AirPods arrived around this time in 2016.

According to MySmartPrice, the AirPods also popped up as listed for Bluetooth 5.0  certification in the Bluetooth SIG database with the model numbers A2031 and A2032 under an AirPods product listing; "AirPods" has since been removed from the record, but the rest remains.

MySmartPrice also says that Apple renewed trademark filings in Hong Kong and Europe that now include:

Class 10: General wellness instruments, namely, health, fitness, exercise, and wellness sensors, monitors, speakers and displays for measuring, displaying, tracking, reporting, monitoring, storing, and transmitting biometric data, heart rate, body movement, and calories burned.

Of course, it might also be wishful thinking. There was some disappointment when Apple didn't announce the successor to its wireless earbuds in conjunction with its iPhones in September or hardware in October.


Xioami AirDots Youth Edition


Since that launch two years ago, many have followed. The latest to jump on the true wireless earbuds bandwagon is Xiaomi with its AirDots Youth Edition, currently only available in China for 199 yuan (about $30, £20 or AU$40) starting Nov. 11. 

Xiaomi 's heavily-image-based site balks in the face of automatic translation, but according to GizChina (and western numbers) we can tell they support Bluetooth 5.0 for a more stable, higher bandwidth connection. They weigh 0.1 oz (4.2 grams) and the battery lasts four hours of continuous use or 12 hours with the charging case.

We reached out to Apple and Xiaomi for comments and details, but didn't immediately hear back.

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