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Archos VR headset makes any phone virtual reality before your very eyes

Virtual reality doesn't have to be unrealistically priced with the Archos headset that works with most smartphones.


Fancy stepping into a game on your phone without stepping too far into your bank account? The Archos VR Glasses are a cheap way to turn almost any phone into a virtual reality extravaganza before your very eyes.

The folks at French company Archos -- who are, let's not forget, the geniuses who brought you the Bluetooth-equipped music-playing woollen beany hat -- have now thrown their hat into the virtual reality ring with these wallet-friendly goggles. On sale in November, the Archos VR Glasses cost just £25; smartphone not included, of course.

The headset consists of a chunky visor that straps onto your head, with a slot at the front for you to slide your phone into place. The phone then plays back videos and games, creating the effect of placing you into the scene in front of your eyes. Archos says the system is compatible with over 100 virtual reality apps immersing you in the action.

As well as playing virtual reality games, you can also watch 3D movies and videos. For that you need the Archos Video Player app on your phone, with an update set to add stereoscopic mode at some point in the near future.

It's pretty versatile for the price: Archos recommends a quad-core smartphone with a full high definition 1080p screen, but you can slot in any Android, Windows Phone and iOS up to 6-inches. By contrast, the Samsung Gear VR headset , for example, requires a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone.

Other similar headsets include Oculus Rift and Sony's Project Morpheus that connect to a PC or games console rather than using a mobile phone. Or at the other need of the spectrum is the hilarious DIY Google Cardboard headset, which you literally build yourself from cardboard.