Apple's WWDC 2020 by the numbers

Apple has 23 million developers globally.

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Apple on Monday unveiled a slew of new products and features, including its latest operating system, a redesigned virtual assistant and a revamped home screen that includes widgets.

Apple executives also shared a number of stats at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference, which took place virtually because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Here's a look at WWDC 2020, by the numbers:

23 million - Number of Apple app developers worldwide.

14 - Apple's latest iOS update

100 million - Amount of money Apple is spending to promote racial justice.

1 trillion - Number of ways Apple says you can customize your memoji. 

25 billion - Amount of requests Apple's virtual assistant Siri gets every month.

20 times - Amount of facts Siri has compared to three years ago.

11 - Number of languages that Apple's new Translate app supports. That includes English, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese and Arabic.

40 - Percentage increase in the number of messages.

80 - Percentage of new cars that have Apple CarPlay, which allows you to use the iPhone while you drive.

20,000 - Number of apps available for the Apple Watch

50 - Percentage faster that Safari on Mac is at loading frequently visited websites compared to Google Chrome. 

1 million - Number of apps in the App Store designed for the iPad

200 million - Number of "Sign In with Apple" accounts that users have created. 

1 billion - Amount of screens that Apple TV is on.

2021- Year that Foundation, a TV show based on Isaac Asimov's science fiction book series, will start streaming on Apple TV Plus. 

2 billion - Number of Apple-built chips shipped in iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches over the last 10 years.

2 - Estimated years it will take Apple to switch to using its own processor for Mac computers. 

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