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Apple's wireless AirPod charging case rumored to arrive in December for $69

Teased at Apple's iPhone launch event, the AirPod wireless charging case may be available before year's end.

Apple AirPower Charging Mat Cupertino Event September 12, 2017
The charging case is designed to work with Apple's AirPower Charging Mat, due to arrive in 2018.
Apple / Screenshot by Sarah Tew

We learned from Apple on Tuesday that a new wireless AirPod charging case was in the works. However, Apple didn't say when it would ship or how much it would cost. Now German-language site MacPrime, thanks to an alleged source at Apple Switzerland, is saying the new charging case is arriving in December for $69.

The $69 price point seems logical considering a replacement case for the AirPods currently costs $69. However, Apple only showed the AirPod charging case being charged using its upcoming AirPower Charging Mat, which isn't supposed to ship until 2018. The question, of course, is whether, you'll need to use Apple's AirPower pad for charging or be able to use an existing wireless charging pad that works on the Qi standard.

Since the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X are Qi-enabled, most tech outlets are reporting that the charging case will be Qi-enabled as well, but Apple has yet to confirm that. Nor has it said whether future AirPods will come with the standard charging case or the new wireless charging case. (It's unclear whether it will be an optional accessory). 

Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. 

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