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Apple's weird-looking AirPods are already winning

Between Beats and AirPods, Apple is looking at a sweep in online sales, says one report.

Apple's AirPods have been on sale for less than a month, but they're already taking over online sales in the wireless headphone space, according to online shopping analyst Slice Intelligence.

Slice Intelligence

The AirPods began selling December 13, immediately upsetting Beats headphones, the previous leader in the category. Since Apple also owns Beats, that gives the Cupertino, Calif., titan just over 40 percent of the current market for wireless headphones among online buyers. Bose is the next-largest independent brand, at 16 percent share.

A whopping 85 percent of online AirPods buyers are male, said Slice, and over a third of those fall into the category of millenials, the youngest recorded buyers, and also among the most important.

Since Slice records only online sales patterns and not purchases from actual brick-and-mortar stores, this is just one window into Apple's AirPods success. It's clear, though, that the unusual Bluetooth headphones are catching on -- even if they do look like electric toothbrush heads.

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