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Apple's Siri will get human help to be cool

"Must consider yourself a maven, trend-setter or Czar of cool."

A screenshot excerpt of Apple's Siri Event Maven posting. Click to enlarge.
Screenshot by Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

Apple wants to hire a human assistant for its Siri digital assistant.

We swear, we're not making this up

According to an open Apple req flagged by 9to5Mac, the iPhone maker wants to make Siri more culturally with it. Or in Apple's words, "to provide strategic awareness of cultural happenings in the collective zeitgeist."

In our words, Apple wants to make sure Siri doesn't miss out on being the cool kid. 

There's no doubt Siri could use a shot in the arm. Although Apple's Siri popularized voice assistants when it was first released on the iPhone in 2011, it  has since lagged behind competitors like Google Assitant, and continues to face competition from new rivals like Amazon's Alexa and Samsung's Bixby Voice software

If you bring "Wookiee Cookies" to the office on May 4 (Star Wars Day), and count "Pi Day" or "Talk Like a Pirate Day" among your favorites, then you might have a bright future at Apple serving as Siri's Event Maven, as the job is called.

The winner would join the Siri team to "scour" social media for trends and happenings that Apple's voice assistant doesn't know about. 

We can only guess what engineers and designers would do with the information: perhaps have Siri flag local events around the theme, or maybe give Siri more jokes to tell when you ask. 

Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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