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Apple's 'Portrait' mode comes into focus

A new version of iOS 10 will help you make the most of the twin cameras in the iPhone 7 Plus.

We're just starting to get a clearer picture of Apple's "Portrait" mode.

A new beta version of iOS 10 released to developers on Wednesday includes software for taking portraits, according to MacRumors. Portraits is a feature the Cupertino, California-based tech giant touted when it introduced the enormous iPhone 7 Plus earlier this month and it's just now getting tested out.

The software in the iOS 10.1 beta takes advantage of the two cameras on the 7 Plus to create photos that bring the subject of a portrait into crystal clear focus while blurring the background, MacRumors said. It does this using a built-in signal processor that identifies people with machine learning and keeps them in focus while applying a blur, which photographers call a bokeh, to the out-of-focus portions of the photo.

Apple didn't respond to a request for comment as to when the update is expected to be generally available. But at its iPhone 7 launch event it promised it would be ready in October.