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Apple's peach emoji looks like a butt again, world rejoices

iOS 10.2 originally took away the butt-shaped peach emoji -- but Apple is now proving to be a company that cares.

Peaches: An emotional emoji journey.
Daniel Van Boom/CNET

Fear not, iPhone users, the butt emoji is back.

Of course, there is no actual butt emoji -- there are standards and practices against that sort of thing. But Apple's initial iOS 10.2 update changed the peach emoji, a longtime representative of the behind, into less of a butt and into more of an actual peach.

That grave wrong, protested around social media, has now been undone. The third beta version of iOS 10.2, released today, brings back the peach we all know and love. And people are pretty excited.

As if a return to form for the peach emoji isn't enough, iOS 10.2 has plenty of other new stuff, too. There are new wallpapers, bug fixes and new camera preservation settings.