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Apples new iPhone MagSafe Wallet has Find My built in

It's like having an embedded AirTag, so you'll be notified if your wallet gets separated from your phone.


The MagSafe Wallet, announced at Apple's fall event, has Find My built in. 

Apple/Screenshot by CNET

At Apple's fall event on Tuesday, the company announced the iPhone 13 series, the Apple Watch Series 7, a revamped iPad and iPad Mini, as well as iOS 15. The tech giant also unveiled new and updated accessories like the iPhone MagSafe Wallet with a built-in Find My feature. This new addition for the nearly year-old product means you'll be notified of your wallet's last known location if it gets separated from your phone, according to Apple.

The leather wallet has built-in magnets that attach to the back of your iPhone or to a MagSafe phone case. The wallet will hold three cards and is shielded so it won't affect the magnetic strip on credit cards. 

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The MagSafe Wallet costs $59 on Apple's website and comes in Golden Brown, Dark Cherry, Sequoia Green, Midnight and Wisteria. The wallet is compatible with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series. 

Apple improved upon its Find My technology in April by allowing its Find My app to locate lost items made by third-party companies. The following month, the tech giant released AirTags -- tracking tiles for items like keys or bags. An AirTag can be slipped into wallet or bag or get clipped onto something via a separate keychain that cradles the tile.

Since the new MagSafe Wallet essentially has an AirTag embedded, it could mean Apple is open to experimenting with more products that embed the technology -- either making the products or approving designs from partners. CNET contacted Apple for more information and will update this article when we hear back.

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