Apple's MagSafe iPhone Battery Pack Charges Faster After Latest Update

Your iPhone can get 7.5 watts charging on the go, jumping from 5 watts.

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MagSafe Battery Pack on the back of an iPhone, next to action figures and a Lego car

Apple improved its MagSafe Battery Pack with the latest firmware update.

Patrick Holland/CNET

Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack's charging speed got a boost with its latest firmware update Wednesday. The update makes the iPhone accessory leap to 7.5-watt charging on the go from its original 5-watt capability, Apple said in a support page.

The version 2.7 firmware update begins automatically after you attach your battery pack to your iPhone, but this method "can take about one week," according to Apple. 

If you want to download it more quickly, the company suggests using a Mac or iPad. You can use a Lightning-to-USB cable to connect the devices, and the update should only take 5 minutes.

The update was previously reported by 9to5Mac.

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