Apple's iOS 18 Lock Screen Update Means No More Turning On Your Flashlight by Accident

This is for everyone's parents who turn on their iPhone flashlights without knowing.

Katelyn Chedraoui Associate Writer
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Katelyn Chedraoui
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Apple/Screenshot by CNET

If you've ever been called out for having your iPhone flashlight on by accident, this Apple iOS 18 update is for you. Apple just announced a new customization tool that will let you remove and replace your lock screen flashlight and camera widgets with other icons as part of the new iOS 18. Cue applause.

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Apple showed off a plethora of customization tools and widgets at WWDC, the company's annual developer conference. Other customizations to your lock screen and home page mean that you can arrange your app icons however you want -- you're no longer trapped in a grid format.

You'll also be able to create hidden, private folders for apps you don't want displayed on your homepage. And for all the aesthetically inclined iPhone users, Apple is adding a dark mode and a color mode that lets you pick the hue you want to display.

iOS 18 is not currently available for the general public, though we are expecting beta versions of it available for developers to download today.