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Apple's amazing-looking AR could also be super sharable

Sketchfab has already developed a tool to turn all its 3D-scanned content into easily viewable AR.


Floating Easter Island heads will be so possible in the fall.


The augmented-reality capabilities of Apple's iOS 11 are very real, and very impressive. Developers are already coming up with some shockingly good-looking demos since the beta became available after WWDC, but it turns out that it might also be easy to set up and share across apps.

The 3D content-publishing company Sketchfab has already demonstrated a tool putting Apple's ARKit into a webview mode, which can turn any 3D content into an AR-ready viewing mode. Check out the 3D spinning Easter Island head below for an example.

Sketchfab co-founder and CEO Alban Denoyel told CNET that this means 3D creators could turn their content into AR instantly without doing anything extra. Sketchfab's app will have its own AR mode to view anything already uploaded into augmented-reality mode, including the same content that's already viewable in VR (like, for instance, my floating head).

Doing more advanced AR, like having objects interact in a real room, is another story. But it sounds like iOS 11 will possibly be able to "AR-ify" a lot of things pretty quickly this fall when the software officially launches.