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Apple's AirPods are still backordered 6 weeks

If you're looking to get your hands on a pair of Apple's totally wireless earphones, there's still a wait.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Since practically the day they became available back in December, the ship time for Apple's AirPods totally wireless earphones has been listed at 6 weeks in Apple's online store.

Almost five months later that ship time still is listed as six weeks on the Apple Online Store and other Apple-authorized online retailers, such as Best Buy, are showing similar wait times. (Apple's online UK and Australian online stores show "dispatched" times of 6 weeks as well).

The long and short of it is Apple apparently can't make AirPods, which list for $159, £159, or AU$229, fast enough.

It is worth pointing out that the six-week ship time is a conservative estimate and you may get your AirPods delivered sooner. I've spoken to a few friends who got them in more like three weeks to a month and when I ordered a pair back on December 13, 2016, they arrived on December 31. (My ship time was listed at four weeks).

An Apple spokesperson reiterated to me what the company has been telling the media ever since Apple first started shipping the headphones in December: interest has been phenomenal and they're working to get AirPods into the hands of every customer as quickly as possible.

The company also said that its brick-and-mortar stores continue to receive shipments of AirPods, so you should check with your local Apple Store -- if you have a local store -- to see if any are in stock.

In other words, for some lucky souls, there might not be a wait at all.