Apple's $19 Polishing Cloth is back in stock, but you'll have to act quickly

The first batch of these sold out fast.

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If you weren't lucky enough to get one the first time around, here's another chance for you to score one of Apple's silliest products to date. Apple released its polishing cloth in October and since then it's been nearly impossible to get your hands on one. Who would have thought this $19 polishing cloth would be so popular, right? Well, it has been, and it's back in stock for a limited time.

We know, it's a bit much to wrap your head around. This is a $19 polishing cloth that's made of a soft, nonabrasive material and is designed to clean any Apple display from your iPhone to Mac screens. If you're tired of dealing with a display that's covered in finger prints and dust, you may want one of these to clean things up and make it look new like the day you first got it.