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Apple/Rogers spat overblown: never any plans to sell iPhone 3G at Apple retail

Apple/Rogers spat overblown: never any plans to sell iPhone 3G at Apple retail

Speculation regarding a conflict between Apple and Canadian iPhone 3G carrier Rogers appears to be overblown, if such a quarrel exists at all. Various pundits have fingered a purported decision by Apple to yank iPhone 3Gs from its own Canadian retail locations as evidence that the company was displeased with Rogers' data/voice plans, which have been labeled exorbitant, for the iPhone 3G. However, Apple never planned to sell the iPhone 3G at its retail locations in Canda. In fact, the Apple is not -- at least at launch -- selling the iPhone 3G at any of its retail locations outside the United States.

Australia, Japan, Italy, and UK retail stores will also not have initial stock of the iPhone 3G, forcing customers in those countries to visit official carrier stores or third-party partners like Fido in Canada.

iPhone Atlas contacted a representative of the Regent Street retail store in London, who said that while the store will have demo units of the iPhone 3G for customers, actual sale of the devices on Friday, June 11 cannot be confirmed at this time.

The Apple UK Web site lists only O2 (the official iPhone 3G carrier there) stores and Carphone Warehouse locations as options in the "Where to Buy" section.

If discord between Apple and Rogers is extant, the absence of iPhone 3Gs at Apple retail locations in Canada should not be considered its evidence.

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