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AppleCare for iPhone debuts -- $69

AppleCare for iPhone debuts -- $69

Apple has begun selling an AppleCare extended warranty plan for the iPhone. The plan extends hardware coverage to two years from the date of iPhone purchase. It covers the iPhone and iPhone Bluetooth hands-free headset as well as included accessories.

The company says:

"Should your iPhone need service under the plan, Apple-authorized technicians will repair it or provide a replacement using genuine Apple parts. We recommend that you purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan with your new iPhone to take maximum advantage of the coverage the plan provides. This plan is available for iPhone within its one-year limited warranty, used with to either a Mac computer or a Windows PC.""

Customers in Alabama, Connecticut, Nevada, and Wyoming are not eligible for AppleCare for iPhone.

As previously discussed, the iPhone is covered under a standard limited one-year Apple warranty, but is not eligible for AT&T's wireless phone insurance, which (for a $5 monthly fee) will provide replacement in the case of loss or theft, accidental physical or liquid damage or mechanical and electrical failure after the manufacturer's warranty period has expired. AppleCare does not protect against this type of accidental damage either.

AppleCare for iPhone is priced at $69.