Apple Watch can track dance workouts, cooldowns with WatchOS 7

Your Apple Watch will soon tell you how many calories you burn while dancing around your room.

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During Apple's online Worldwide Developers Conference, the company announced new ways to track dance workouts, cooldowns and other types of exercises in the Workout app

The Workout app has been the hub for any kind of workout you can track with the Apple Watch, including running, swimming, rowing and more. In WatchOS 7, you'll be able to track dance workouts too, specifically hip hop, Latin, Bollywood and simple cardio dance -- like dancing around your room to your favorite songs when no one is watching.

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The Apple Watch will use its onboard accelerometer and gyroscope to determine what kind of dance you're doing -- specifically, if you're moving your arms, legs or both. That allows it to accurately track the amount of calories you burn while busting a move.

The Workout app also gets new options for tracking core training, functional strength training and cool downs. This allows you get an accurate picture of how many calories you burn during a workout where you make fewer or slower movements than you would while running or biking. 

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You can view all of your Apple Watch workout data on the iPhone, in the newly rebranded Fitness app -- formally known as the Activity app. The Fitness app provides summaries of your workouts and daily movements.

Theses new features are part of WatchOS 7, which will likely be available on the Apple Watch in the early fall of this year, when Apple typically announces a new iPhone and Apple Watch.