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Apple Watch trade-ins 'coming soon,' says swap site Gazelle

Apple's new smartwatch isn't out yet, but trade-in site Gazelle says it will offer to buy it from sellers and will also sell certified pre-owned models.

Trade-in site Gazelle has a place for the soon-to-be-released Apple Watch. Apple

The Apple Watch is already being eyed for the trade-in market.

Web site Gazelle, which buys and sells used devices, announced on Thursday that it plans to add the Apple Watch to its collection. The site will offer to buy the watch from owners who wish to sell it and will also sell certified pre-owned models of the watch to buyers who want to save some money on it.

Gazelle is one of many Web sites that lets you trade in used electronic devices and other products for cash. You can often get a better price selling directly via eBay or Amazon. But selling through Gazelle can be a quicker and simpler process. You check the price that Gazelle will offer for your item. If you like the price, you ship your device free through the mail. You then get paid either through check, PayPay or an Amazon gift card.

Last October, the site expanded its service so that it now sells certain certified pre-owned devices. Currently, Gazelle offers specific model iPhones, iPads and Samsung Galaxy phones for sale. The process works similarly to selling an item to Gazelle. You select the device you want, and Gazelle displays the sale price. If that price is agreeable, you then place your order.

Gazelle says that before certifying a device, it conducts a 30-point quality inspection to make sure the gadget is in top shape. The company also offers a 30-day risk-free return policy, if for some reason the device doesn't meet your expectations.

Since the Apple Watch won't be out till April 24, Gazelle has no details yet on how people would buy or sell it. For now, interested buyers or sellers can sign up for more information at Gazelle's Apple Watch Trade-In Coming Soon page.

Apple's smartwatch will be available in three different varieties: the entry-level Sport version, the midlevel Apple Watch and the more expensive, luxury Apple Watch Edition. The Sport version starts at $349, the Apple Watch at $549 and the Apple Watch Edition at $10,000.

In touting its trade-in service, Gazelle pointed to the value that the first iPad has retained since its release, via the following chart:

Gazelle's history with the first generation iPad 16GB Wi-Fi Gazelle

"As the numbers suggest, the first generation iPad held its value remarkably well over the years, even after Apple announced subsequent versions," Gazelle said in a statement. "We expect a similarly strong market demand for secondhand Apple Watches. Bring on the trades and the sales."