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Apple Watch Series 3 LTE will cost you £25 a month on EE

The EE tariff includes unlimited data and the price of the watch.

James Martin/CNET

Update, 15 September at 09:25 p.m: EE has now officially announced its preorder prices, which start at £25 a month for the cellular plan.

Considering getting an Apple Watch Series 3 with data in the UK? It may cost you more than you think.

EE, which has a UK network exclusive on the new Watch, has officially announced its data pricing for the device, which starts at £25 per month. That price would include unlimited data and the price of the watch itself, which is £399.

While £25 sounds like a lot, once you break it down, those of us in the UK may only pay fractionally more for data than those in the US. The contract lasts two years and the Watch itself is £399 -- spread that over 24 months and you've got £17 per month. That means you'll be paying around £8 for data. This is about the same it'll cost in the US, which is looking to be $10 a month. (Though the Watch itself is significantly cheaper at $399, which is about £300.)

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To get the phone functionality, you'll need an iPhone 6 or later on an EE SIM-only or pay-monthly plan as the Watch shares the phone's number. The Apple Watch Series 3 is available for preorder on Friday, 15 September and will begin shipping on 22 September.

As well as standalone LTE connectivity, the new Apple Watch has a custom W2 chip with 85 percent faster Wi-Fi, a new 70 percent faster dual-core processor, a barometric altimeter and up to 18 hours of battery life. Though the price for the cellular Watch starts at £399, a Watch Series 3 without the cellular function starts at £329.