Apple Watch pocket watch is modern old-timeyness at its best

It's a watch for both early adopters and those late to leave the 19th century. Meet the pocketable Apple wearable from designer Tom Ford.

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Eric Mack
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Steve Jobs famously restricted his own kids' iPad time, so he might also have approved of limiting direct skin contact with Apple's first wearable by taking the Apple Watch off the strap and putting it on a chain in one's pocket instead.

Leave it to fashion king Tom Ford to create an Apple Watch pocket watch that both Jobs and 19th-century CEOs might have approved of.

The customized watch was spotted by a few eagle-eyed fashion journalists, included New York Times fashion reporter Matthew Schneier, at an event that took place during the recent London Collections fashion week. Schneier shared the image on social media.

"I wouldn't wear an Apple Watch on my wrist," the Financial Times reported the Cartier-wearing Ford as saying. "But I wear it on a fob." Ford's spring 2016 collection features three-piece suits that he says reference the dapper aesthetic of "The Thomas Crown Affair," as well as "Steve McQueen mixed with Paul Newman."

Of course, taking the Apple Watch off your wrist does reduce its functionality quite a bit. Forget using most of those nifty health- and activity-tracking features while your 21st-century timepiece is rattling around in your pocket.

Perhaps someone really dedicated to both cutting-edge wearable technology and fashion accessories more befitting the world of Charles Dickens will take up the task of designing a jacket with a tight-fitting breast pocket and sheer lining that will still allow for you to measure and share your heartbeat from your Apple pocket watch.

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