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Apple Watch Nike+ edition to arrive October 28

This special sporty edition of the new Apple Watch is designed for runners.

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One of the cooler variations on the new Apple Watch S2 shown off in September was the Apple Watch Nike+ edition. That model has a unique strap and some built-in software features for runners, but had no firm release date beyond sometime in October.

A check of Apple's website shows that a release date for this version has finally been posted. It's October 28.

When first announced, CNET called out this model as a particularly interesting part of the Apple Watch S2 launch, saying: "Apple also announced a partnership with Nike for a special Apple Watch Nike+ edition that is designed for runners. It features an aluminum case and a funky silicon strap that makes the watch feel like a Nike FuelBand and Apple Watch had a little baby. There are some built-in Nike running features, but for the most part it's a normal Series 2 watch. The Nike+ model will be available for $369 in October."

You can read more here about the Apple Watch S2, including the Nike+ version.

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