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Apple Watch 8: All of the Features on My Wishlist

Here's what I'd like to see announced for the Apple Watch at Apple's "Far Out" event.

Justin Eastzer
Justin Eastzer
Justin Eastzer Former Senior Video Producer
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Justin Eastzer
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Today's Apple "Far Out" event will likely bring news of the planned updates for the Apple Watch, along with the very real possibility of an Apple Watch Pro. While I love my Apple Watch Series 7, there's always room for improvement, and I've got a lot of ideas. Here are all the features and upgrades I'd like to see in the new Apple Watch Series 8.

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Slimmer and stronger design

The Apple Watch Series 7 is bulky. It's also one millimeter larger than its predecessor due to its increased screen size. I hope the series 8 goes back to the smaller casing of the series 6 and retains its larger screen size by slimming down the bezels. Ultimately, I'd love an edge to edge screen, and one day I'm sure we'll get that.

Lexy Savvides/CNET

Overall, I'd like to see a slimmer depth. The watch has always felt a little thick to me and it would be nice to see that trimmed down in future models while retaining its durability. To be fair though, most smart watches tend to be pretty bulky, and the Apple Watch is on the slimmer side compared with watches from Samsung and Withings. 

Longer battery life

Most importantly, we have got to get a longer lasting battery. Currently, the series 7 gets about 18 hours of battery life -- I've been able to extend this a few hours by turning off the always-on display.

As a longtime Fitbit user, I was spoiled with my five day battery life. When I switched to the Apple Watch, I was surprised by how often it would die on me. Then I set it to charge, and forget it at home. 

At a minimum, I'd like to see four days of battery life to cover a long weekend without needing to bring a cable. Rumors say the Apple Watch Pro could get a larger battery and more life. I hope the other models see an increase in power as well, possibly through efficiency upgrades with WatchOS 9.

Universal and inductive charging

I'd like the Apple Watch to be able to charge via induction charging and not just the proprietary apple charger. I also want reverse wireless charging on the iPhone, essentially converting the phone to a charging mat. This has existed on Android phones for some time now, and it's about time that the iPhone follows suit.


The Z Flip from Samsung has supported reverse wireless charging for years. I'd like to see this feature come to the iPhone.

Justin Eastzer/CNET

More sensors

The Apple Watch has a plethora of sensors, including an accelerometer, gyroscope, electrical heart sensor and optical heart sensor, just to name a few. 

The sensor that I want most, and would also change my life, is a blood glucose sensor. Various reports from Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal have reported this is a feature Apple has been working on for years. 

I have type 1 diabetes and currently wear a continuous glucose monitor that inserts a very fine strand into my body to read my blood sugar levels. This device needs to be replaced every 10 days. A non-invasive sensor like this would be a game-changer.

Aside from that, there are rumors of a body temperature sensor coming to a Pro model and that would make things much easier for knowing when you are about to get sick. There's also been the long-held rumor that the Apple Watch might get a blood pressure sensor, which would be helpful for certain people. We probably won't see it this time around, but other companies are working on wrist-worn cuffs, so there's potential.

Software upgrades

Apple has already announced the upcoming WatchOS 9, so odds are neither of these software features below will make it into the next update, but Apple, I hope you're listening!

With WatchOS 9, Apple introduced customizable workout views. For me, what's missing is the ability to see my blood glucose reading on a workout screen. I'd say this is the No. 1 metric you want to see on a workout watch face if you have diabetes. Currently, I need to exit out of the workout screen and swap over to my continuous glucose monitor app to see my levels.


I'd like to see a native workout view on Apple Watch that displays my Dexcom blood sugar readings.

Justin Eastzer/CNET

Currently, the Apple Watch answers Facetime calls using Facetime Audio. In the future, I'd like the ability to answer Facetime video calls with the caller's video feed. Obviously, the caller won't be able to see you, but it would be great for when someone wants to show you something quickly and live. Then, if you swap to your phone, Facetime could start immediately. Products like Wrist Cam require a bulky watch band and a proprietary app for video calling and just aren't for me.

For more details on my Apple Watch wish list, watch the video above.