Apple v. Samsung 2014 infringed devices scorecard

The jury has returned its verdict in this year's big Apple v. Samsung case. Check out what devices were found to violate which patents.

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Both the iPhone 5 (left) and the Galaxy S3 were accused of violating patents. Sarah Tew/CNET

After nearly a month of testimony, rebuttals, and cross-examinations, a verdict has been reached in the latest patent dispute between tech giants Apple and Samsung. Delivering its findings in a San Jose, Calif., courtroom late this afternoon, the jury said that both companies will have to pay damages for patent violations, with Samsung owing nearly $120 million to Apple, and Apple owing $158,400 to Samsung.

As previously outlined by CNET's Shara Tibken, Apple claimed that 10 of Samsung's phones and tablets infringed on five of its patents:

Patent No. '172: covers predictive text.
Patent No. '414: involves background syncing activity, such as syncing calendars, email, and contacts.
Patent No. '647: covers "quick links," which can auto-detect data in messages that can then be clicked.
Patent No. '721: covers slide-to-unlock, the motion used to unlock the home screen.
Patent No. '959: covers universal search, such as what Apple uses in Siri.

In the end, the jury found that Samsung violated a total of three patents. To see what patents each Samsung device is accused of infringing (denoted by an X), and what patents the jury ultimately decided Samsung did violate (denoted by an asterisked X*), refer to the chart below.

Samsung devices accused by Apple

Patent '172Patent '414Patent '647Patent '721Patent '959
Admire X*XX*X*X
Galaxy Nexus X*XX*X*X
Galaxy Note X*XX*X
Galaxy Note II XX*X
Galaxy S II X*XX*XX
Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch X*XX*XX
Galaxy S II Skyrocket X*XX*XX
Galaxy S III XX*X
Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) XX*X
Stratosphere X*XX*X*X

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Apple, meanwhile, was accused of infringing two Samsung patents, but the jury found the company guilty of infringing just one. The patents in question were:

Patent No. '239: covers video transmission functionality, with implications against Apple's use of FaceTime.
Patent No. '449: involves camera and folder organization functionality.

Outlined below are the Apple devices the jury deemed guilty of patent violation.

Apple devices accused by Samsung

Patent '239Patent '449
iPhone 4 XX*
iPhone 4S XX*
iPhone 5 XX*
iPod Touch (5th generation, 2012) X*
iPod Touch (4th generation, 2011) X*