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Apple tops smartphone market, but Samsung, Motorola gain

Motorola moves on up and nabs the third spot on ComScore's list of leading smartphone manufacturers in the US.

The US smartphone market continues to grow. CBS Interactive

While Apple has continued to crush the US smartphone market, Samsung and Motorola also have seen some gains.

New data from ComScore analyzing the smartphone market in August through October shows that Apple nabbed 40.6 percent of the market share, up 0.2 percent from July. However, Samsung and Motorola also saw market share boosts. Samsung's share went up 1.3 percent to 25.4 percent, and Motorola nailed the third spot by rising 0.1 percent to 7 percent share.

Dragging behind were HTC and LG, respectively. Both of these phone makers lost market share during the three-month period.

Looking at operating systems, Google's Android topped the list with 52.2 percent of the platform market share. And Apple took second place with 40.6 percent, which is up 0.2 percent from July. BlackBerry still maintained its third spot with 3.6 percent, and Microsoft and Symbian came in last with 3.2 percent and 0.2 percent, respectively.

In all, nearly 150 million people in the US now own smartphones, which equals 62.5 percent of the mobile market share. These numbers show steady growth in smartphone ownership. In July, smartphone penetration was at 58.4 percent.