Apple to stream iPhone 11 Pro event on YouTube

The event marks Apple's first live product keynote on Google's video-sharing site.

Apple will stream its Sept. 10 event on YouTube -- a first for the iPhone maker.

So you want to go to Apple's annual fall event next week -- where it'll likely reveal the iPhone 11 -- but you didn't get one of the sought-after invites. No worries, because the company is going to stream the Sept. 10 event on YouTube. Apple quietly posted a YouTube page on Friday inviting people to tune in to the event, where the company is expected to unveil three new phone models, replacing the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR with the rumored iPhone 11, 11 Max/11 Pro and 11R. Other products and services are also expected to make their debut.

The page asks users to "join us for an Apple special event live from the Steve Jobs Theater on September 10 at 10 a.m. PDT."

Apple has been gradually expanding the broadcasting reach of its product reveals. Keynote presentations have long been available on, and last year the company streamed its fall "Gather Round" event on Twitter. But its presence on YouTube is a first.

Apple sent an invite to some members of the media last week, which shows the Apple logo made up of five different bright colors that harken back to the old six-color logo the company used years ago.

Analysts are speculating that the unreleased iPhone 11 will be a disappointment and not attract the buyers Apple is hoping for.

 CNET will have a livestream before, during and after the keynote presentation, out of our New York office. Join Senior Editor Bridget Carey, Senior Editor Iyaz Akhtar and Editor at Large Jeff Bakalar at 9 a.m. PT before the event to hear their insightful hopes for Apple day 2019. You can watch directly below.

Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.