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Apple to release new Memoji customization options

Fresh hairstyles, face coverings and headwear styles are coming in the fall.

Apple Memoji
Apple will soon roll out new Memoji customization options. 

Come fall, Apple will offer new options for users to customize their Memoji, including new hairstyles and face coverings. The company previewed the features to mark World Emoji Day on Friday.

The updates will include 11 new hairstyles such as a man bun, top knot and waves. Users will also be able to choose new color options for face coverings (Apple debuted face masks for Memoji at its Worldwide Developers Conference last month). Additionally, you'll be able to choose from 19 new headwear styles including a durag, tichel and nurse cap.

In addition, the iPhone maker said it'll roll out new emoji including a transgender symbol, bubble tea and tamale. These will also be available in the fall on iOS 14.

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