Apple Store is down, which means it's iPhone 12 launch event day

The company froze its online store ahead of its iPhone 12 launch event, where we're expecting the company's first 5G phone.

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Katie Collins

Apple's iPhone event is Tuesday.


The Apple Store went offline Tuesday, just hours before the iPhone 12 launch event was set to kick off. Usually held in September, the event was pushed back to October this year to accommodate supply delays related to the coronavirus pandemic

The Apple  event should be worth the wait, though. We're expecting to see the first 5G iPhone, as well as a new HomePod and more. Here's everything we've heard so far about the iPhone 12.

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The Apple Store freeze is nothing out of the ordinary. Apple usually halts its online store ahead of major events, especially if new products are set to be announced. After the event, the store will pop back up again, likely offering the option to preorder the company's latest devices.

This year those devices should include the iPhone 12, the next generation of Apple's iconic smartphone that for the very first should come with 5G wireless tech, as well as a new chip and a fresh look inspired by the iPad Pro . Other things we're hoping to see at this year's event include new headphones, a new HomePod and potentially an iPhone Mini. It's possible that Apple's long-rumored AirTag beacons could make an appearance.

Here at CNET, we'll be on top of all the big announcements that come out of today's iPhone 12 event, so keep your eyes on the site for all the Apple news, first impressions and analysis you could possibly want.

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