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Apple Watch to add sleep tracking, report says

Wear your Watch to bed.

Apple may soon add sleep tracking to the Apple Watch. 
Josh Miller/CNET

The Apple Watch can already track your steps, heart rate and location. It soon may be able to monitor your sleep, too. 

According to a report on Monday from 9to5Mac, Apple is preparing to add a new feature to the Watch that will allow it to monitor your sleep. Codenamed "Burrito" the new feature will be able to measure the quality of its wearer's rest using the wearable's various sensors and inputs, including tracking your movement, heart rate and "noises." The information would be accessible through the Health app on an iPhone or in a "new Sleep app for the Apple Watch."

The feature will be able to turn off an alarm if it senses you've already woken up before the alarm was set to go off. 9to5Mac, quoting unnamed sources inside Apple, also reports that the Watch will have a "silent alarm" feature that will only vibrate on the Apple Watch, as opposed to playing a sound on the Watch or an iPhone. 

Those with multiple Apple Watches will be able to choose one for sleep tracking, allowing their other Watch to be charged overnight. A new complication, or watch face widget, will also be available for quickly checking sleep performance.  

It is unclear if Apple will be making this a new feature on a Series 5 version or if it will come as an update to existing devices. 

While potentially a first for the Apple Watch, Apple does have some background in sleep tracking, having acquired Beddit, the maker of a $150 device that goes between your sheet and mattress to monitor your vitals as you sleep, in 2017. 

The company is rumored to be planning new titanium and ceramic variants of the Watch potentially for as soon as next week's press event at its headquarters, but it is similarly unknown if those new case options will have more powerful internals or are just a design refresh. 

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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