Apple releases Mac and iPhone WWDC 2009 video sessions

Apple released a collection of videos that were recordings of the Mac and iPhone sessions at this year's developer conference.

David Martin
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David Martin
Apple Inc.

Apple has released recordings of iPhone and Mac development sessions from the 2009 WWDC. The sessions are available to members of its Apple Developer Connection (ADC) Select or Premier programs, free ADC Online program, and registered iPhone developers. Premier members and anyone who attended WWDC have already been given free access to the session videos, but anyone else will have to pay.

The WWDC 2009 sessions cost $299 each for iPhone or Mac sessions, or $499 for the complete set that includes both sessions. Though that may seem expensive, remember that a full WWDC ticket costs between $1,295 and $1,595. Another plus? Unlike the conference the recorded sessions don't sell out. Oh and I haven't even mentioned the amount of cash you are saving in travel expenses.

To purchase the sessions you have to sign for one of the ADC programs mentioned above (even the free Online session). Once you have access you can purchase the videos by following this link. Apple will send you an iTunes key code that enables you to download and view the WWDC video sessions including Keynote slide presentations and other session materials.

The sessions require that you use iTunes 8.2 or later. Also you'll need plenty of disk space since the combined package weighs in at a hefty 30GB (Mac sessions are 13GB and iPhone sessions are 17GB).