Apple promises to fix 'home screen crash' iPhone bug

It's the black screen of death! Apple has acknowledged there's a bug in iOS 7 that causes devices to shut down apparently at random, and says it'll fix it soon.

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Nick Hide
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Apple has acknowledged there's an annoying bug in its iOS 7 mobile software that causes devices to shut down apparently at random and has pledged to fix it.

The most viewed report on Apple's official user forum concerns this issue. It has over 250 posts describing iPhone users' black-screen woes, going back to September when iOS 7 first appeared.

"We have a fix in an upcoming software update for a bug that can occasionally cause a home screen crash," and Apple spokesperson told me in a statement.

Users report their iPhone turns itself off at seemingly random intervals, as often as three or four times a day, though most say their battery was at least half depleted. It's not clear if the iPad is affected.

The update is likely to be iOS 7.1, the new-look software's first major update, which is currently in its fourth beta. It's due to bring some minor interface tweaks, with more circular buttons and sliders on the phone and power off screens, bolder text on the keyboard and better accessibility options.

'iOS in the Car', a special display mode for when you're on the road is expected to be added too. Apple has announced partnerships with several major automakers, such as Audi, for better integration between your favourite little gadget and your favourite big gadget. Google has a similar scheme in the works for Android too.

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