Apple plans reversible USB cable for iPhone 6, leaker says

The company's Lightning connector is already reversible on the eight-pin dock side, but Apple might start offering a reversible connector on the other end as well.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
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Apple's current Lightning cable. Apple

Apple is trying to make the cable that links its mobile devices to either a computer or power outlet a little easier to use, according to a new alleged leak.

Sonny Dickson -- who made a name for himself last year by leaking accurate details on the iPhone 5S prior to its arrival -- tweeted over the weekend an image of what he claims is a design improvement to the Lightning cable that will connect to the long-rumored iPhone 6. While the already-reversible eight-pin dock won't change, according to Dickson, the other end, where users plug the cable into a USB port, will now be reversible as well.

As any user of a USB cable knows, its configuration requires you to plug it into a computer or any other device in one way and one way only. Apple's alleged improvement will feature a USB end with contacts on both sides of the insert, which would allow people to plug in a cable without checking which direction is up.

When Apple announced its Lightning connector in 2012, the company touted not only its improved charging abilities, but also its reversibility. Apple said at the time that reversibility would make everyone's life just a little easier, since users wouldn't need to waste time determining which way the eight-pin dock needed to be placed into an iPhone or iPad. The previous Apple 30-pin connector was not reversible.

It's not clear from Dickson's announcement on his Twitter feed where he learned of Apple's upcoming modification. It's also worth noting that while his track record is strong, he has gotten it wrong in the past. It's possible, therefore, that Apple won't launch a reversible USB cable this time around.

If Apple does, however, decide to launch a reversible USB cable, it wouldn't be the first to do so. There are several third-party providers that offer reversible USB cables. A new USB standard, known as Type-C, is also coming along that will be reversible.

CNET has contacted Apple for comment on the report. We will update this story when we have more information.

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