Use Apple Pay, score some iTunes gift cards

The promo lasts through Dec. 21.

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Still have some holiday shopping to do? If you use Apple Pay, there may be a present in it for you, too.

Apple is giving away $5 iTunes gift cards to shoppers who use Apple Pay at a handful of retailers. While five dollars may not seem like a lot, you can get one gift card per retailer. With 20 different retailers -- including Macy's, Warby Parker, and 1-800-Flowers -- that stacks up to $100 total possible dollars in iTunes rewards. Here's the full list of participating retailers:

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Here's where you can score that $5 iTunes credit.


The promotion started Thursday and lasts through Dec. 21 and is only valid in the US. Apple did not specify how much you need to spend to qualify for the iTunes credit, but some publications are saying it varies from retailer to retailer. Apple did not respond to a request for comment.

Apple Pay can be used like an online wallet to purchase products at the register from your iPhone, and can also auto-fill billing info on your Mac when shopping online. Apple recently released a guide on how to set up Apple Pay on your iPhone X.

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