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Apple OKs Dropbox adjustments, accessing apps accepted

Apple and Dropbox have worked out a solution that will allow developers to continue using the file-syncing and storage service while complying with Apple's external sales regulations.

Screenshot by Joe Aimonetti/CNET

Dropbox has confirmed that the latest update to its developer SDK complies with Apple's policies that strictly forbid apps to send users to external sites to buy products if an in-app option is not also available.

Previously Dropbox had included a link to purchase extra storage space on its servers, which sent users to the Dropbox Web site to complete the transaction. That method cuts Apple (and its 30 percent revenue share) out of the process.

Dropbox had temporarily removed its "Make account" feature (the one that included the ability to buy more storage directly through Dropbox) in order for apps to be re-approved.

The new version of Dropbox's SDK will no longer send users to Dropbox's site using Safari, but will instead open a browser window within the app that will allow a non-Dropbox user to create a new account.

Developers using Dropbox in their apps, after they update using the new SDK, should now be approved by Apple's App Store approval process.