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​Apple now has a how-to guide for iPhone camera users

Apple's videos and tips suggest that hidden camera features aren't always instantly intuitive.

Sarah Tew/CNET

It's not exactly easy to figure out how to finesse shooting photos on phones. iPhones don't come with a clear manual. That may be the inspiration behind Apple's new site dedicated to camera tips and how-to videos, which just went live today.

Among the topics and tips:

  • How to shoot during golden hour (Arrive before sunset > Use the sun to front-light your subject > Tap the display to focus and slide to lower exposure > shoot your photo)
  • How to shoot a horizon (Turn on Grid in settings (Settings > Photos & Camera > Grid On) > Turn on HDR for better highlights and shadows > Frame the horizon along the grid lines > shoot your photo)
  • How to shoot a sunset silhouette (Place subject in front of the sun > Lock focus by pressing and holding anywhere on the display > Tap the display and slide to lower exposure > shoot your photo)

Some of the advice may seem obvious, but the 16 videos suggest that the iPhone can use a more in-depth user guide for some of its increasingly complicated features. At the least, it's another good resource for newcomers. (Of course, we also have some tips.)