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Apple makes iOS 10 emoji more diverse

Female athletes and Santas with different skin colors are just a few of the additions to the emoji offerings in the mobile operating systems coming out this fall.

New gender and race options will be offered in Apple's emoji set for iOS 10.
Screenshot by Jacob Krol/CNET

Want an emoji that portrays a black Santa or a female muscle builder? You can have those and more with Apple's iOS 10 due out this fall.

In an announcement Monday about its new emoji, Apple emphasized the additional gender diversity options coming in iOS 10. The update includes more than 100 new and redesigned emoji, including new female athletes and professionals, new skin color options, a new rainbow flag and more family options. It also replaced a real gun with a water gun.

This is Apple's attempt to make emoji characters reflect real life. Currently, the majority of its sports- and occupation-related emoji are all male charaters. Apple said it's "working closely with the Unicode Consortium to ensure that popular emoji characters reflect the diversity of people everywhere."