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Apple MagSafe charger is on sale for $26, the lowest price we've ever seen (Update: Sold out)

If you're picking up a new iPhone 13 today, this is the deal for you.


Are you unboxing your new iPhone 13 today? You may have noticed there's no charger in the box. It's not a mistake. Apple has been doing this for a while now -- it says most people who own an iPhone already have plenty of Lightning cables laying around and it saves a ton of money (and valuable natural resources) to not add them to the box. And honestly that's fine, because MagSafe wireless charging is a lot more fun than Lightning anyway. Don't have a MagSafe charger? That's cool, Woot has one for $26 today, which is the cheapest we've ever seen it. 

It doesn't get much easier than a MagSafe charger. These little pucks sit on your desk or bedside table and when you set your phone on them you feel a satisfying magnetic pop and your screen displays a green ring to show it's charging. Wireless chargers are not a new concept, but MagSafe takes away all of the fumbling around to confirm the phone is charging. It's a genuinely better alternative to using a Lightning cable and at this price it's a great way to start replacing all of your existing cables.