Apple launches Web Apps listing; posts developer agreement

Apple launches Web Apps listing; posts developer agreement

Ben Wilson
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Apple has launched a repository of Web-based "apps" for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The site offers categorized listings, along with screenshots and descriptions of iPhone/iPod touch-optimized sites including games, productivity, social networking, sports, travel, utilities and more.

A statement on the site reads:

"Flick through lists of news articles on Digg. Play games like Sudoku and Bejeweled with the touch of a finger. View movie times, train schedules, and blogs. Web apps don't just extend the functionality of iPhone and iPod touch, they do it in style. Since web apps are websites designed specifically for the 3.5-inch screen, you'll find the viewing experience amazing."

Currently featured sites include:

  • Facebook: An optimized version of the social networking site
  • Bejeweled: The classic game. "Swap adjacent gems to match three or more jewels."
  • Fandango: Tool to buy movie tickets on the go.
  • Big Bang: A Sudoku game
  • Ultralinga: A set of mobile dictionaries
Apple has also posted instructions for developers wishing to submit their applications to the directory, along with an interesting agreeement that states:
  • "Your submission should have a complete feature set (stable releases and demos are preferred to beta software).
  • "You agree that with each web application you submit for consideration, you will include a working link to your website where end users can obtain web application support. You agree to maintain such link during the entire time your web application is included in iPhone GTM Programs."
  • "You understand and agree that this Agreement shall not be construed as prohibiting Apple from acquiring, licensing, developing for itself (or having others develop for it), marketing, and/or distributing web applications, software applications, content, technology or products that are similar or competitive to your web applications and Submitted Materials."

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