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Apple iPod nano 5G camera test: A CNET UK home video

We took the new iPod nano around London to record our own home video. If you're wondering what video recorded on an MP3 player is actually like, allow our movie to give you some sort of an idea

Apple's new iPod nano, as we expect you know by now, has a video camera built into its dinky little chassis. We took the new model out around central London to capture some of the tourist-friendly sights visitors are likely to record on their own nanos. The result is the video you see above.

Now, we edited the video ourselves, which is something you can't do on the nano, although you can import the recorded videos into iMovie on the Mac or a similar program on the PC. Our video, really, is just an anecdotal demonstration of the sort of video quality you can expect to see from clips you upload to YouTube yourself.

Want a closer look at the nano? Check out our hands-on report from the show floor of the Apple event last week, and our full review.