Apple iPhone X now available unlocked and SIM-free

Here’s your chance to snag one if you’ve been gunning for Apple’s anniversary phone but haven’t made up your mind on a carrier yet.

The iPhone X is finally coming to the US SIM-free.
Screenshot by Zoey Chong/CNET

Just one more month and the wait will finally be over.

Apple is now offering the unlocked, SIM-free version of its anniversary phone to fans in the US who haven't decided on a carrier -- but there's still a one-month waiting period.

Reports of the iPhone X running in short supply raised questions on when an unlocked iPhone X might be made available, especially among users who didn't want to be tied to a specific telco with a standard, two-year contract. This version gives the freedom of activating the phone at any local or international carrier by simply getting a SIM card from your desired operator.

Screenshot by Zoey Chong/CNET

To get a SIM-free variant of the iPhone X, buyers can head over to Apple's website and choose to make a one-time payment of $999 for the 64GB version or $1,149 for the 256GB version of the phone. Buyers can opt to pick up the phone from a nearby store or have it delivered, although it looks like it'll only ship from Dec. 12.

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